Threat Hunting

Analysis that Defines the Cyber Threat Landscape

ANALYGENCE provides specialized cyber defense support by analyzing both active and dormant cyber threat actors using targeted intelligence to report on the potential vulnerabilities of critical assets. By integrating our team’s analysis with commercial off-the-shelf threat intelligence, evidence from current network information assurance scanning, and commercial/government vulnerability alerts, our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing cyber threat landscape.

Our solutions assist government agencies, such as the Department of Defense (DoD), Homeland Security, and Defense Intelligence Agency, by providing essential risk and threat information related to Foreign Intelligence Entity (FIE) and other adversary campaigns that threaten critical information networks and assets.

Identify & Track Threats

Detect Malicious Activity (Federal Civilian Executive Branch, Critical Infrastructure, Partner Networks)

Proactively Hunt for Malicious Cyber Activity

Locate Indicators of a Breach or Targeted Attack

Respond to Cyber Incidents

Let's Move Forward.

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